Wargaming Centre

Store Gaming

If you are new to the hobby or would like to try a new game, and would like an introductory game, our gaming staff will be more than happy to give you a one to one beginners introductory game for free. This will only be available to customers who have not played any wargaming, but are serious about getting into this great hobby. Please note let a member of staff know at the time that you would like to play an introductory game.


During School Term Break times, booking a gaming table is essential, but any other time should be ideal for gaming with friends. The Gaming Fee per player must be paid before you play, and the Gaming Area has a small set of guidelines to help you enjoy your gaming session more. These guidelines must be read before gaming, this is important for your own safety, equipment, and other customers using the store at the same time.

Waiting for your gaming session to begin?

If you turn up early for your gaming session and would like to fix that miniature that broke on the way, or would like to paint a few models whilst waiting, all you have to do is pay a £4.50 Studio Fee per painter, to use the stores glue, files, cutters, brushes, and paints to sit and build or paint your models. Don't forget you can always purchase a beverage and snacks whilst you are modelling.

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