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Each month we will be demo playing games that you might want to get involved with or would like to try, we offer a free demo game and show you how to play the game using the stores miniatures, all you need to do is turn up!

Give us a call or pop in for a demo game, below is a list of all the games we are doing demos for over the upcoming months, so if you would like to try one or get involved, visit our store and play your free demo game.

October: Star Wars Armada By Fantasy Flight Games

Learn how to play this great Fantasy Flight Games ever growing franchise of all things Star Wars, Armada is a fleet size vessel fighting battle game, set in the Star Wars Universe, play as either Alliance or Imperials, and use the frigates, destroyers, and fighter squadrons to defeat your enemy! Get your free demo in store this month!!

November: Warhammer 40K Conquest Card Game By Fantasy Flight Games

Join one of the team who will be happy to run through a demo of this highly addictive game.

Conquest is set in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe, and is a strategic living card game where players fight over planets to win the resources, and planet icons to achieve victory, battling for race supremacy, using your warlord to swing the tide of battle. Grab your exciting free demo during the month of November!

December: Star Wars The Card Game By Fantasy Flight Games

Get involved with our demo of Star Wars The Card Game, this living card game has a strong strategic use of the card types, objectives, and even the balance of the force. Can you defeat the Empire before the Death Star dial reaches it's target number and the Empire wins. With the use of Objective cards and a command deck you will be shown how to play this great card game, with expansions released regularly, building and updating decks is easy and diverse. Grab your free demo during December!

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