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Welcome to our competitions page, here you will find all the current competitions that are going on in store, whether it's ticket sales based, or a free entry competition we cover it all!

All competitions are subject to availability, terms and conditions of each competition are set out clearly, all competitions are unbiased and based on merit not favoritism. Please be advised that all competitions are served on a first come, first served basis also.

Tole Haven cannot accept any responsibility for any individual being excluded from a competition, and all models that are required to be left for judging are left at the owners risk.

Competitions & Events

Saturday 13th February

Magic the Gathering Oath Of The Gatewatch Game Day, come along and enjoy the competitive play of a Standard Format Event from the latest block. This event requires each player to bring a Standard Legal 60 card minimum deck, and a sideboard of up to 15 cards. Event starts at 10.30am, and will finish once all rounds are completed. Entry into this event is just £5.00, receiving free promo cards for entering the event, plus prizes!!

Saturday 20th February

Star Wars X-Wing Store Championships 2016, is a full on X-Wing official Fantasy Flight Event, which will grant the winner a free pass into the Regional Championship rounds. The Store Championships are £10.00 per person to enter, and must be paid for in advance to secure a very limited space, each participant must bring 100 points of either Rebels, Empire, or Scum & Villainy faction choice. Event starts at 10am and will finish once all rounds are complete. We have Official FFG prizes to give away along with promo cards for entries.

Saturday 27th February

Magic The Gathering Oath Of The Gatewatch Booster Draft, will consist of one Battle For Zendikar, and two Oath of the Gatewatch booster packs, with a booster draft format, each player entering will make up a minimum of a 40 card deck, using the stores land station for your mana base. This event to enter will cost just £9.50 and the event will end when all rounds are completed. Event starts at 10am, with new players welcome. Prizes & Promos to give away!

Saturday 5th March

Star Wars Armada Store Championships 2016, is a full on Armada official Fantasy Flight Event, with the winner of this event qualifying for the Regional Championships. £10.00 entry fee must be paid in advance for a very limited space allocated on this event, plus we have official FFG prizes and promo cards to give away! Each player entering this event must bring along their own 400 point Rebel or Empire force.

Saturday 19th March

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest Card Game Store Championships 2016, gives each player the chance to win the Store Championship and gain a Regional Championship spot. Entry is £10.00 which must be paid for in advance to secure a very limited space, each player must bring a legal Conquest Faction deck, and any tokens, or additional game play items required. We have official FFG prizes and promo cards to give away! 

Please Note: All Events are first come first served basis, and are subject to change, prizes and prize pools down to store organising the event. Payment is required up front for all events

Friday Night Magic FNM

Join the group of players enjoying weekly magic on a Friday, whether your a beginner or an advanced player, this is the best way for you to gain experience, and enjoy varied magic formats with friendly, helpful players, FNM is open to anyone, only those who take part in the FNM meetings each week, get the chance to gain exclusive promo cards for free, these promo cards are only available by playing FNM. Check out our Gaming club Calendar for information on dates and times.

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